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 Tired of playing phone tag?

If you get frustrated with leaving phone messages and having to wait for a call back you have another option.  Sign up for our “Patient Portal” on our website and you can request refills, appointments, and ask non-urgent questions from any computer.

You just need an email to sign up! 
– Click here to create an account
– Once we receive your request we will connect you with your electronic chart in the office and you’re all set!  You’ll receive an email with your information any time an update is made to your chart or we respond to a request.

 Lyme Disease Basics

How can I Prevent Lyme Disease:
– Perform tick checks of your skin after spending time outdoors.
– Consider bathing after spending time outdoors, this can help wash off ticks that have not yet attached, as well as make it easier to find them on your skin.
– Wear long sleeves and pants, especially when walking in high grass and wooded areas.
– Apply tick repellant to your skin. Products containing at least 20-30% DEET work the best. This will also protect you from mosquito bites.
– Apply products containing permethrin (0.5%) to your clothes; as above, this will protect you from mos-quito bites as well.
– Perform tick checks on your pets that go outdoors, and ask your veterinarian about any other ways of preventing tick bites and Lyme disease in your pets.
– Dry clothes in high heat for one hour to kill any remaining ticks.
– In some cases, your doctor may offer a prophylactic, single dose of an antibiotic to prevent Lyme disease after a tick bite. This is not necessary for every tick bite, because the overall risk of contracting Lyme disease from a single tick bite is low, and if treatment is started soon after symptoms start than the prognosis is excellent. The tick needs to be attached and feeding for about 36 hours in order for you to acquire Lyme disease, so ticks that are not attached for that long cannot transmit Lyme disease.
When Should I Call My Doctor?
-If you experience a combination of symptoms including fevers, chills, headaches, fatigue, muscle or joint aches, especially in the spring or summer. Upper respiratory symptoms such as cough generally suggest a different diagnosis, not Lyme disease.
-A rash (called erythema migrans or a “bull’s eye” rash) is characteristic of early Lyme disease, and usually appears as an expanding, flat red rash on any part of the body. It can expand up to 12 inches in diameter with clearing in the middle, leading to a “bull’s eye” appearance. The rash occurs in about 70-80% of people and therefore absence of a rash does not mean you don’t have Lyme disease. A minority of people can develop a number of “bull’s eye” rashes on multiple parts of the body. A small bump or redness at the site of a tick bite that resolves in 1-2 days is common, and is not a sign of Lyme disease.

 Patient Centered Medical Home Recognition

Vance Family Medicine is proud to announce that we are the first practice in Henderson, NC to be awarded recognition by the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient-Centered Medical Home 2011 Program!


What does this mean for you?

  • Accessibility: extended office hours with walk-in/urgent care every day
  • After hours access: for urgent issues providers can be paged after-hours for advice
  • Personalized care: a personal clinician and team who help you with self-management and know you as a person, not just a disease
  • Whole-person care: from beginning to end, we want to help you with short and long-term care goals including mental health services
  • Coordinated care: care management specialists to help you prepare for visits and keep track of testing and referrals
  • Quality and Safety: evidence-based medical care and continuous quality improvement make your care more safe, timely , efficient, effective, equitable, and patient-centered
  • Communication: advanced electronic communication through our new Patient Portal— request appointments and medication refills and review lab results from your computer or smartphone 24 hours a day


 VFM is Slimming Down!

Vance Family Medicine is excited to announce the winners of our VFM Weight Loss Challenge!

First Place: Rhonda Jones (Red Team, nursing staff).  Rhonda states her keys to success were decreasing portion size, increasing exercise, and making a commitment to being more healthy.

rhonda beforeRhonda after2


Second Place: Kenyetta Alston (Purple Team, nursing staff).  Kenyetta’s success is due to exercise and cutting out fast foods and soda.

kiki all


Third Place: Allen Young (front office staff).  Allen lost weight by exercising and “cutting out all the junk” (soda, fast food, etc).

Allen Before allen after


Most of our employees participated in the weight loss challenge and as an office we lost almost 350 pounds (that’s about 10 pounds per person who participated) by eating better and moving more.

At VFM we want to help you achieve your health goals – please discuss these goals with your provider at your next visit for a healthier you!

Our weight loss winners!



Feb 1, 2015 – Patient Portal

Tired of waiting for someone to call you with your lab results or waiting on hold to schedule an appointment?  Come to the office and request an invitation to our new patient portal!  All you need is an email and you’ll be able to view your lab results, request appointments and refills, and look at your past appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!